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Fast Asleep is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of high quality competitively priced beds, moulded polyurethane consumer goods and custom foam projects.



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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a polyurethane foam formulated to have a slow recovery to its original shape once depressed. It is this slow recovery that gives it its ability to support without the pressure associated with conventional foams.

How does it work?

Memory foam is used in the manufacture of certain mattresses, pillows and wheelchair seats to take advantage of its pressure relieving properties. People who are confined to a bed or wheelchair are less prone to conditions associated with poor blood circulation such as bedsores.

What are the benefits?

Memory foam is temperature sensitive and uses natural body heat to conform to the persons’ body, head and neck shape. The high level  of support and pressure relieving properties are now available in the Fast Asleep range of products listed below.

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Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam is the technical name for foam in general use ie. in the manufacture of beds, pillows, car seats, lounge suites etc. Memory foam is a type of Polyurethane Foam that has been specially formulated to give a slow recovery to its’ original shape once depressed. Normal Polyurethane Foam in beds, car seats etc. recover very quickly back to their original shape once depressed.

Why formulate a slow recovery “ memory foam “ The comfort and pressure relief properties of a foam depend on how quickly it wants to return to its’ original shape, the slower the recovery the more comfortable and pressure relieving the foam is. Normal Polyurethane Foam in beds and car seats offer more support than comfort because of their quick recovery.

To sum up normal foam in beds, car seats etc. and memory foam are both Polyurethane Foam but memory foam is specially formulated to provide more comfort and pressure relief than normal foams.


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